Be Compassionate, Be Creative, Be Enthusiastic, Be Inspired,  BE VALLEY  


Be Compassionate, Be Creative, Be Enthusiastic, Be Inspired,  BE VALLEY  

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May 1 -
No lunch charges in Café

May 7 - All Library Books Due

May 7 - 21 Valley Reads @ Mustang Public Library
(When you check out at the public library,
say, "I'm from Valley" and get a ticket for
a treat at school.)

May 19 - Super Kids Day

May 19 - Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

May 20 - 4th Grade Celebration Day assembly

May 21 - Last Day of School
Day ends at 11:40 AM
No Backpacks Today

May 28 - Summer Reading kick-off at Mustang Public Library

Have a WONDERFUL summer

The mission of Great Expectations is to motivate, inspire, and challenge individuals to achieve excellence in learning and living.

Valley PTA Remind 101
Severe Weather

Mustang Valley Elementary is not a public storm shelter.  In the event of severe weather, which poses the threat of imminent danger to our students and staff, all doors will be locked.  Students can be checked out when the weather improves and conditions are considered safe. 

If you feel that you need to pick your child up from school due to severe weather, please do so early rather than waiting until a storm is approaching.  Absences due to severe weather will be excused.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter of safety for our students and staff. 

Lunch Charges End May 1
Dear Parents, 

It's hard to believe but the year is almost over! As of May 1st, we can no longer allow students to charge in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. Also, please check and see if your child has a negative balance that needs to be paid. You can go online to to see their balance and make a payment online from the convenience of your own home. Any money left in the account will be available in your child's lunch account next year. 

Thank you for your time and attention!

Tammy Bales, 
Director of Child Nutrition
  • Word of the Week
    Charity- showing kindness or help for the needy or suffering
  • Quote of the Week
    "One person can make a difference and everyone should try."  John F. Kennedy
  • Behavior of the Week
    Avoid using hurtful words.
Great Expectations Model School




Mustang Valley Elementary School recently achieved the prestigious honor of being named a Great Expectations Model School. The school’s principal, faculty, and staff worked diligently to accomplish this impressive goal.




Mustang Valley Elementary is a showcase for the rewarding benefits that Great Expectations provides students, faculty, staff, parents and the community, and it will be visited by other schools/districts. Great Expectations schools have a culture of respect and high academic achievement. "The school is truly a shining star in the community, state, and nation. The staff and faculty are to be highly commended for their efforts. We are overjoyed to add them to our list of ‘Showcase Schools’," said Dr. Linda Dzialo, President and CEO of Great Expectations.

The Great Expectations Program, founded in 1991, is a scientifically-based research

educational reform model that is bringing major change and innovation to PK-12 public and

private school classrooms in Oklahoma and beyond. The program represents an approach to learning that empowers teachers to expect and to get the best from students; it rekindles the excitement of discovery among both students and teachers, and it pushes everyone involved to greater heights of achievement.

The basic principles of the program are: high expectations for students, a learning climate based on mutual respect between student and teacher, student self-esteem, a belief that all students can learn, positive teacher attitude, and highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers who inspire and enable students to achieve success. Over 40,000 educators have been trained in the GE Methodology. There are currently 105 GE Model schools in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

More information about the program can be found at or by calling 918-444-3744.

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Mustang Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex/gender, age, disability, or veteran status. Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to the Mustang Public Schools Compliance Coordinator, 906 S. Heights, Mustang, OK 73064 or (405) 376-2461.

BE Valley

Mustang Valley is proud to be named an Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support (OTISS) grant recipient. OTISS is Oklahoma's model for identifying and addressing academic and behavioral difficulties that interfere with student success. The Valley OTISS team consists of Jill Mitchell (principal), Jennifer Young (assistant principal), Judy Bruce (reading specialist), Lesha Taylor(counselor), Birdie Farnsworth (counselor), Donna Solomon (primary teacher rep), Bekah Hull (upper teacher rep), and Julie Muse (special education teacher rep). Please contact one of the above team members for additional information.

Learn more at